Speranta in Isus (Hope in Jesus) is registered with the Australian Charities and Non-for-profits Commission. More details

We aim to direct the maximum percent of donations directly to those in need. We will do so by dealing directly with trusted care providers, rather than “middle man” or state bureaucracy.

You will receive: updates, save people’s lives, the nature of the support being provided.

We understand that it’s a big decision to donate your money to us, we are committed to be transparent about our financial decisions. Because Speranta in Isus is still in its first year of operation it does not yet qualify as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) that can receive tax deductible gifts. It is the intention of the directors to make an application to DFAT for the status once the charity has served the 12 months waiting period.


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Give hope to people.

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Give hope to people.