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Stefan – a child is helped Stefan is a very cheerful and energetic boy, despite being born deaf. His parents went to different hospitals, seeking various ways to help him with his hearing. They wanted Stefan to undergo surgery, but last spring, he was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. He stays in the hospital most of the time now, and for just a few days a month, he is allowed to come home – these are the greatest days of his life, full of joy. The boy’s mother can’t hear also, and she stays in the hospital with Stefan. Stefan’s father works in Russia, to earn the money needed to cover food, medical expenses & to pay for travel from Chisinau (the capital of Moldova) to the town of Leova where their home is. For ten years, this family has experienced various kinds of support from the Church. Currently, the Church is helping with food, clothing, and sometimes, money for the boy’s treatment.

Stefan – a child is helped

May 22, 2015


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